When Will It Get There? How's It Going?

Who Knows about it?

Developing a Trusted Framework for

Standardized & Sovereign Data Sharing In Supply Chains

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7th @ 11 am - 5 pM ET

8th @ 11 am - 2 pM ET

Join us November 7th & 8th, 2022 to create a shared understanding of the role standardized, interoperable digital data can play in the supply chain as we explore “Where’s my stuff? When will it get there? How is it going? Who knows about it?”

The SCORe Coalition/ASTM standards development process is kicking off with an event storm centered to dive right in– with interactive discussions, brainstorming and facilitated panel discussions – to elucidate the issues and articulate clear next steps to develop practical solutions to real-world supply chain problems.


An Online Interactive Event Storm

The purpose of the “event storm” is to rapidly and collaboratively capture the information needed in the movement of products to their destination and track their condition along the journey. Participants from across the supply chain take part in a proven online methodology used to identify areas that need additional work.

A Cross-industry Panel Discussion

A panel of industry experts will discuss the status of standardized, interoperable data in multi-party supply chains. What are the current challenges, opportunities, and needs and how should the SCORe Coalition go about addressing them?

Discussion will also include the topic of data sovereignty and privacy within the supply chain and the tools available to allow information owners to control what information is shared, with whom, when and for what purposes.

Generating Output &

Concrete Next Steps

From this kick-off event we seek to gain a shared understanding of next steps for the SCORe Coalition & ASTM standards process.

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We are seeking the participation of those knowledgeable of supply chains and management of supply chain-related digital information.

We encourage you to register as a participant in the event storm. There is no need to have technology expertise to take part. If you are uncomfortable participating in the event storm, you may register as an “observer”.

Please register now and feel free to share this event with others that you think could make a meaningful contribution to our effort. We are looking forward to seeing you for an interactive virtual event November 7th, 11am to 5pm ET, and November 8th 11am to 1:30pm ET.

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